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Head office

Aedifica's head office is conveniently located in a modern, accessible building in the centre of the European district in Brussels, near several public transportation options (train and metro stations). Moreover, the building has a BREAAM "Excellent" certificate, which permits measurement of the building's environmental performance and guarantees reduced power consumption.

Our visiting and postal address is:

     Rue Belliard 40 (bte 11) / Belliardstraat 40 (bus 11)
     B-1040 Brussels - Belgium

Please contact us with any questions you may have concerning our location.



Aedifica is conscious of its CO2 emissions. The Company supports certified climate projects in order to offset the carbon footprint of its head office, achieving CO2-neutrality. For this effort, Aedifica obtained the CO2-NEUTRAL label (in line with the PAS 2060, international standard for CO2-neutrality).

This label guarantees that Aedifica is actively calculating, reducing and compensating its local and global climate impact. As opposed to “greenwashing”, this label can only be achieved through serious climate efforts.

Aedifica supports a clean water project in Uganda, a project aiming to provide households with safe drinking water sources while reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and Zambia AgroForestry Project, which promotes sustainable agriculture and forest conservation in Zambia.

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Aedifica access plan Belliard 40


Aedifica SA

Public REIT under Belgian law
Regulated Real Estate Company (RREC)

Rue Belliard 40 (box 11)
B-1040 Brussels
Tel.: +32 2 626 07 70
Fax: +32 2 626 07 71