Belgian listed company investing in healthcare real estate

Board of Directors and Committees


Aedifica's Board of Directors is composed of: 


Serge Wibaut Chairman Board of Directors   Mr. Serge Wibaut
Chairman - Independent Director

Executive Directors

Stefaan Gielens Aedifica CEO   Mr. Stefaan Gielens
mrics, Managing Director - CEO
Sven Bogaerts Aedifica CM&AO  

Mr. Sven Bogaerts
Executive Director - CM&AO

Ingrid Daerden Aedifica CFO   Ms. Ingrid Daerden
Executive Director - CFO
Laurence Gacoin Aedifica COO   Ms. Laurence Gacoin
Executive Director - COO
Charles-Antoine van Aelst Aedifica CIO   Mr. Charles-Antoine van Aelst
Executive Director - CIO

Non-executive Directors

Jean Franken Independent Director   Mr. Jean Franken
Independent Director
Eric Hohl Director  

Mr. Eric Hohl

Pertti Huuskonen  

Mr. Pertti Huuskonen
Independent Director

Katrien Kesteloot Independent Director  

Ms. Katrien Kesteloot
Independent Director

Elisabeth May Roberti Independent Director   Ms. Elisabeth May-Roberti
Independent Director
Luc Plasman Aedifica Independent Director   Mr. Luc Plasman
Independent Director
Adeline Simont Director   Ms. Adeline Simont
Marleen Willekens Aedifica Independent Director   Ms. Marleen Willekens
Independent Director


The 3 committees of the Board of Directors

For more information about the three committees of Aedifica's Board of Directors, click here.