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Corporate social responsibility


In May 2019, Aedifica published its first Corporate Social Responsibility Report. This report reflects Aedifica's commitment to conscious ‘housing with care’ and the long-term responsibility this implies towards its care home operators and their residents, its shareholders and towards society in general. Sustainability and corporate social responsibility are an integral part of every aspect of Aedifica’s investment strategy and its day-to-day operations.

Aedifica cares

  • about seniors and their housing needs
  • about its long-term relationship with operators and authorities
  • about its employees and their wellbeing
  • about transparent corporate governance
  • about sustainable investments

Aedifica is proud to showcase the bond between its business success and its efforts regarding corporate social responsibility. We invite you to read this Corporate Social Responsibility Report and in particular Aedifica's action plan towards 2025, reflecting the company's environmental and social ambitions that will be achieved in constant dialogue with its operators, employees and other stakeholders.

Download Aedifica's Sustainability Report


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